Thought Leadership and Insight from Server Technology

Marc Marazzi

For this edition of the Datacloud Ireland Interview Series, we spoke to Marc Marazzi, Vice President International Sales – Server Technology

Q.1 – Why has Ireland been so successful in attracting data centre investment?
I would like to say the people, but I am sure there is more to it. Ireland is rife with space, skillset, and International accessibility, that it has become a hive of activity over the years.

Fantastic connections to the US (data connections, but also commercial airlines) make it a convenient first stop for American organisations to set up their business. As mentioned, excellent and skilled staff make it attractive for mega companies such as Apple, Facebook and Google to set up their operations.

Q.2 – How do you think Brexit will affect the current rate of IT asset deployment in the county?
We hope not a lot; It already caused a little slow down due to the unknown, but rapidly went back to normal. We are keeping an eye on Brexit and what challenges it will bring.

Q.3 – How do you think GDPR will impact the storage of data in the European Union?
GDPR could be one of the biggest upsets around storage, and yet many organisations do not seem to be that well prepared. I suspect more versatile cloud applications will need to be put in place to ensure that data is being stored in the right locations and crucially, data is not mistakenly replicated outside of the EU. Something I have to believe is being done all too easily today with replication and back up strategies that companies must employ today.

Q.4 – What will be the main drivers of data growth in the coming decade?
In the next decade, I predict the two main drivers will be Autonomous cars and Artificial Intelligence. Billions of euros are being invested in both, which has accelerated their imminent release in to the market place. Tesla already have a ‘level 1’ type of autonomous car, but there is feverish development for vehicles that will drive themselves. The significant amount of data that these vehicles will need to send and receive is going to force many areas of infrastructure to be increased and developed like we have never seen before.
Artificial Intelligence will then take us to another level that we have not seen before. This will continue way past the next decade. The level of connectivity and data access is going to be key for AI to thrive. AI sounds like Science Fiction, however e.g. smart homes are already a reality today. Or consider virtual assistants, knowing what day it is, what calendar entries I have, what bus line I usually take and therefore being able to propose when I should leave for my next appointment. Software that can automatically recognize skin cancer from photo images. Algorithms that can decide in milliseconds if a credit card transaction is a fraud. Or security cameras which can differentiate between a moving branch of a tree, or car or dog approaching rather than a human being. AI and its Machine Learning continuously improves recognition and interpretation of acoustic, visual or behaviour patterns. Improvements are going on in small steps and suddenly – as an example - AI driven ´Alpha Go´ program beats the ‘Go’ grandmaster player Lee Sedol. AI is a game changer – it’s the new electricity. It will fundamentally change one industry after the other – like electrification about 100 years ago.

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