Thought Leadership and Insight from Linesight

Paul Butler

For this edition of the Datacloud Ireland Interview Series, we spoke to Paul Butler, Director at Linesight.

Q.1 – Why has Ireland been so successful in attracting data centre investment?

The Irish economy has had a huge role to play in attracting investment in the sector here. We have a proactive tax policy, which appeals to global players.

Our location is also advantageous, in terms of our proximity and connectivity with Europe, and there is also a bonus in the fact that we are an English-speaking nation. The educated workforce in Ireland is spoken about quite a bit, but it is a distinct competitive advantage for Ireland in attracting this type of investment. We have world-leading construction teams here, ready to build state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities for this highly-skilled workforce.

Q.2 – How do you think Brexit will affect the current rate of IT asset deployment in the county?

There will be impacts of Brexit across all sectors but at this stage it’s impossible to predict the impacts until the overall impacts of the UK’s exit from Europe is determined

Q.3 – How do you think GDPR will impact the storage of data in the European Union?

It will certainly have a considerable impact – many companies are re-examining their processes and procedures now in order to ensure compliance. This could potentially lead to a surge in the current delivery landscape of the DC model and potential penalties.

Q.4 – What will be the main drivers of data growth in the coming decade?

The growth forecasts vary depending on their source and scope, but all estimates put growth by the mid-2020s in the hundreds of billions of euros region.

One of the main drivers of growth will be a shift in the data center delivery model, as the major players move to provide cloud-based data center services for customers and themselves.
Also a possible move towards the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is fast approach the DC market.

On the 21st of September, Linesight will be at Datacloud Ireland 2017 in Dublin. Meet them there.