Thought Leadership and Insight from Jim Marsh, VP-Business Development, CPG

Jim Marsh

For this edition of the Datacloud Ireland Interview Series, we spoke to Jim Marsh, CPG

1. What are the current trends for data centres in Ireland?

Highly visible growth in the international hyperscale enterprise and wholesale colocation markets.

2. What are the challenges facing the industry in Ireland?

Similar to what we’ve seen in the Ashburn and greater Northern Virginia region, the rapid growth will point up shortages in land favourable to latency and skilled human resources for both construction as well as operation of these technical buildings.

3. What do you see as the future drivers for the industry in Ireland?

International and domestic investment in property, connectivity, smart/green power, and people.

4. What part do you play in the Irish Hosting Industry?

We look forward to continuing our history of applying industry expertise in design/build/operate to data centers of scale.

5. What will be the main drivers of data growth in the coming decade?

Advanced wireless communication served by both core and edge data centers.

CPG will be at Datacloud Ireland 2018 in Dublin on 13 September. Meet them there