Télécoms Sans Frontières

Télécoms Sans Frontières

Charity Partner

Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) is the 1st emergency technology NGO, specialised in leveraging the advantages of the latest technologies and telecommunications to respond to the humanitarian needs in the field. Our mission is to connect the unconnected, be it governments, the United Nations Agencies, fellow NGOs, or families who have survived devastating crises.

In emergencies, our teams can be operational in less than 24 hours in any disaster zone, thanks to our portable technical equipment and global presence in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Recognised as leader in emergency technologies and telecommunications, TSF provides access to communication means to the affected populations, to allow them to reconnect with their relatives, seek for help and obtain vital information and to the other humanitarian actors to enhance the impact of their emergency response.

Our Research & Development teams constantly work on developing new solutions to adapt the latest technologies to different humanitarian crises and make them available to those who need it most. Beyond emergency response, we develop and implement innovative solutions to protect vulnerable groups living in situations of prolonged instability, we collaborate with local organisations to enhance the learning opportunities of disadvantaged children through information and communication technologies (ICTs) and bring access to and training on ICTs to populations living remote and unconnected areas. TSF also runs workshops across the world to build the self-sufficiency of local government agencies, iNGOs and international bodies.

Since its creation TSF responded to over 140 crises in more than 70 countries providing communication means to over 20 million people and nearly 1,000 NGOs.