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The genesis of Superstruct, came from recognizing a need for a solution to massive campuses, long lead concerns and agility on site. Pulling from our hyperscale experience, designing single level frames to support critical system components and create a containment opportunity, the mission of Superstruct is to change the paradigm of DC design through the introduction of the Infrastructural Frame System or, IFS. The IFS allows for data halls to be built in 1, 2 or 3 level arrays in a single story, high bay building, thus avoiding the added cost, time and resources associated with a conventional built, multi-floor building. The IFS by Superstruct is a multi-level, self-supported solution that allows the end user to maximize the capacity of their footprint by up to 3x or reduce the necessary footprint by 2/3.

Colocation, Enterprise, Hyperscale…it doesn’t matter. When implementing the IFS, the cost savings in necessary land purchase alone can be millions of dollars to the bottom line. Because the IFS is modular it can be installed more quickly than other systems, it eliminates the need for reinforced roof structures and trapeze assemblies because all the critical system components either rest upon or are hung from the IFS. With our patented connection, new parts can be made easily on site, without the need of special tools or certified welders. On average the IFS will install 20-30% faster than conventional methods and at a fraction of the cost.

Data Centre designs vary like the snowflakes that blanket the Alps. Flexible in its design geometry, the Superstruct IFS is customizable to the needs of your preferred cooling technology, cabling requirements, aisle width and height. Engineered to meet seismic requirements in nearly all regions of the world, the IFS is the solution best suited to maximize your DC footprint for Greenfield as well as Brownfield projects worldwide.

M-o-d-u-l-a-r-i-t-y is an industry buzzword for good reason. Quite often, situational needs require phased buildouts as clients are secured. The IFS creates an opportunity to build what you need, when you need it and without extending capital expenses ahead of that need. Build up and then across or across and then up…whatever works best for your scenario. The team at Superstruct is in constant discussion with leaders in the industry in cooling, structured cabling and power to collaborate on opportunities to bring a bevy of unique turn-key designs to the market. This effort provides increased speed to market by packaging critical systems and shortening the design window.

From conceptual discussion to supply chain to product install and beyond, the commitment to the customer’s satisfaction is where Superstruct hangs their hat. We build our business on the value of relationships…not commodity. We strive to be available to our customers wherever they are in the world at whatever time they need us, whether to listen or engage.

If you could save time, save money and save resources by taking your data centre to new heights with the IFS by Superstruct…Why wouldn’t you?

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