Strategic Partner

The European Data Centre Association (EUDCA) represents the interests of the European commercial data centre operator community, both politically and commercially. 
Established in 2011, the association is registered under Belgian Royal Charter and is run by its members, for its members.

Membership is open to all commercial data centre operators with a presence in Europe as well as vendors, consultants and other interested parties. We maintain a strict member base ratio of 70% operators to 30% vendors / manufacturers  in order to ensure that our policies and initiatives are always operator focused. Whether you are a large pan-European operator, or a smaller in-country provider, the EUDCA offers a multitude of opportunities to expand your customer base or to become involved in political decision making.

Following a change of Leadership in late 2016, we updated our strategic direction in order to keep pace with the dynamic nature of the industry and better serve the interests of our members. This change has seen the association grow from strength to strength in terms of member numbers, geographical reach, and influence.

All EUDCA members benefit from increased global visibility and lead-generation by utilising our global marketing platform.

Increased competition from both within and outside Europe, price pressure and changes in business models, all mean that data centre operators face challenges in customer acquisition and retention. For many of our members, gaining greater awareness and increasing geographical reach through traditional channels is prohibitively expensive. Through working collaboratively, the EUDCA offers all members, whatever their size, the opportunity to distribute content, publicise events, reach new markets and ultimately attract new business.

The EUDCA works tirelessly on behalf of its members to ensure a level playing field in terms of exposure at a national and global level . From our presence at key industry  events in Europe, Asia and the USA , to our global distribution of a comprehensive member directory and our ability to facilitate global content distribution, all members can be confident that they are reaching a far larger audience than would be possible on their own. In 2018 the EUDCA is participating in events in London, Stockholm, Singapore, New York, Monaco, Nice, Shanghai, Beijing. Marrakesh, Hong Kong, Dubai and Oslo – more events are added throughout the year as our partnerships develop.

National and European policy regarding energy consumption, privacy, data sovereignty and internet infrastructure can have a significant impact on the colocation operator community.

Changes in policy have a considerable impact on the European data centre operator community. The EUDCA is working with NTA’s, national governments and the European Commission to ensure we have full visibility into any potential legislation likely to impact on the data centre industry, and in particular our own members.

The EUDCA policy committee is run by member representatives, ensuring that any action taken by the association is in the best interests of our community and not aimed to benefit any one individual organisation. Several member companies have committed substantial funds to a ‘policy account’ and this gives us the resource to undertake research and lobbying activities aimed at ensuring a level playing field for all operators, regardless of size and geographical reach.

Current initiatives include; Contributing to the consultation on the Energy Taxation Directive, Looking at the Free Flow of Data and how this can be achieved after the implementation of GDPR, Lobbying at the European Commission to ensure that data centre operators are recognised as an industry, looking at the new e-evidence regulation and how this may affect the data centre industry.

Through it’s work at the EU, the EUDCA has already had some significant success for those who operate in member states that are signed up to the EU ETS scheme (Emissions Trading Scheme). If an operator is a ‘small emitter’ (with a capacity of less than 35 megawatt thermal input and emitting less than 25,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum) or a ‘micro emitter’ (emitting less than 2,500 tonnes of CO2 per annum with no limit on capacity), a member state can exempt them from the EU ETS scheme. This alone could save operators an average of €25-30,000 per annum in tax. The EUDCA continues to work on this initiative to find a simple, transparent and auditable way of measuring that will be acceptable to the member states and the EU.

Joining the EUDCA is simple. Drop an email to membership@eudca.org and we’ll help you to become a member of this growing not-for-profit association representing the data centre industry across the geographic region of Europe. To find out more about the association, why not visit our website at https://www.eudca.org