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EDPAC International ltd – Turn-key Datacentre COOLING Specialists

Engineered cooling solutions for your datacentre provide


Operating since 1968 and having pioneered the original datacentre cooling concepts, the EDPAC name has long been associated with quality computer room air conditioning. The EDPAC name itself is an abbreviation for Electronic Data Processing Air Conditioner.

With headquarters in Ireland, EDPAC International ltd services the markets of Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and the Far East.

In recent years EDPAC have expanded their operations to create:

  • EDPAC GMBH to service the German and middle Europe market; and
  • EDPAC Site services to carryout site works in Ireland and Service and maintenance contracts across Europe.

The EDPAC name is synonymous with quality, reliability and flexibility in a world where data processing and electrical technologies are applied in critical applications.

Our expertise covers precision environmental control, data-hall pressurisation, HTM compliant (Hygenic) air conditioning systems in hospitals, cinema air management and general air conditioning. Our products are engineered and manufactured by our highly skilled and experienced team at our facilities in Cork, Ireland. We apply innovative thinking to current and proven technologies in a manner that reduces risk, meets exacting energy expectations and is engineered to meet individual site and client requirements.

We pride ourselves on excellence in engineering, flexibility in applications and understanding our clients’ needs in a responsive and responsible manner.

Currently EDPAC are on site with a significant number of the largest and most high-profile International datacentre and colocation providers, implementing large scale custom engineered and manufactured cooling solutions to their buildings. These solutions typically incorporate direct or indirect ‘Air to Air’ or ‘Air to Water’ technologies, with some other sites still utilising the tried and tested formula of High efficiency Chiller systems with CRAH units or the latest engineered solutions in refrigeration technology now delivering PUE’s of 1.1 or less depending on the application.

In recent years we have diversified into carrying out large scale Legacy datacentre CRAC unit and AHU upgrades and have retrofitted modern components including EC Fans, VSD Compressors, Valve, full machine switchgear and Control upgrades giving our clients up to 90% reduction in CRAC unit running costs.

Our presence at Datacloud Ireland will give you the opportunity to discover our full range of innovative products and learn more about our latest projects and developments.

Several members of our staff will be present during this event and please feel free to ask any questions.