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  • Chairman’s opening remarks
    Dave McAuley, Chief Executive Officer, BitPower
  • 0905h
  • Welcoming remarks
    Garry Connolly, Founder & President, Host In Ireland
  • 0915h
  • Addressing the challenges and opportunities for a world-leading data centre sector
    In this special keynote address, John Halligan will contemplate the roadmap for Ireland’s data centre sector, reflecting on the opportunity for innovation, the skills gap and the role of regulation.
    John Halligan, TD, Minister of State at the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation and the Department of Education and Skills with special responsibility for Training, Skills, Innovation, Research and Development, Government of Ireland
  • 0935h
  • Leadership Forum: Mapping out the Data Centre landscape
    A panel of industry leaders discuss the key trends and new technologies shaping the data centre landscape.
    Peter Marin, Chief Executive Officer, T5 Data Centres
    Olivier Micheli, Chief Executive Officer, Data4
    Seamus Dunne, Managing Director, Interxion, Ireland
    Valerie Walsh, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Management, Digital Realty
    Amy Daniell, Director, Advise DC
  • 1020h
  • Setting a new pace in transatlantic fibre: modern, secure and resilient high capacity routing - coming to a DC near you soon...
    The North Atlantic Loop will launch in early 2020 and will feature North Sea Connect, a new high capacity subsea cable from Newcastle to Denmark. This new cable will support a new route from the US through Dublin to Newcastle and on to Copenhagen. A consortium of major players, led by Aquacomms, is delivering more than 8,000 kilometres of new subsea fibre in response to the demand for a modern, resilient and high capacity connection between Europe and the US. Following on from the formal launch at ITW, in June, a selection of representatives from the consortium and its data centre partners - Aquacomms, Stellium and Interxion - will, for the first time, unveil details of the deployment ahead of the 'Go Live'.
    Kevin Foley, Chief Financial Officer, AquaComms
    John Wilson, Chief Operating Officer, Stellium DataCenters
  • 1050h
  • Refreshment break
  • 1120h
  • Panel discussion: Capacity, cost and going green: the power situation in Ireland
    In this high-priority session, we delve deep into the challenges facing operators, investors, utilities and governments alike by hearing a range of perspectives from across the relevant sectors.
    Graeme McWilliams, Chief Operating Officer, Echelon Data Centres
    Fabien Vieau, Principal, Data Centers Energy & Location Strategy, EMEA, Google
    Joe Duignan, Regulation and Commercial Manager, ESB Networks
    Paul O'Donnell, Partner, Greencoat Capital
  • 1150h
  • Panel discussion: Ireland’s connectivity status: the view from land and sea
    Predictions suggest that by 2030 the number of connected devices will have increased to 125 billion, driving an exponential demand for data storage and compute. The subsequent need for deployments closer to the end user and continued expansion of traditional data centres to meet these demands makes improved connectivity a critical piece of the puzzle Activity in this space remains at an all-time high, with large-scale projects across land and sea linking Ireland to the US and Europe. In this session, we will hear from industry leaders with the latest developments and a view on how connectivity continues to shape the market.
    Brady Rafuse, Chief Executive Officer, EuNetworks
    Fergus Innes, SVP, Crosslake Fibre & Managing Director, IFSC
    Matthew Larbey, Managing Director, EdgeConneX Europe
  • 1220h
  • Lunch
  • 1345
  • Panel discussion: What makes a good investment in a data centre?
    As a hub for finance, technology and commerce, the investment opportunities for data centres and IT infrastructure within Dublin are immense. In this session, we bring together industry specialists and financiers to discuss the risks, opportunities and challenges when it comes to investing within and beyond Ireland’s shores.
    Chair: Garry Connolly, Founder & President, Host in Ireland
    Matt Pullen, Managing Director, Cyrus One
    Gavin O’Loughlin, Project Manager, New Forms of Investment, IDA
    Eddie Kilbane, CEO and Co-Founder, DataPlex
    Peter O'Neil, Senior Associate, Corporate & Commercial, Eversheds Sutherland
  • 1415h
  • Interview: Exploring the implications of heightened data security & protection (oh, and Brexit too of course)
    In this session, Marie McGinley will sit down with David McAuley to discuss incoming and ongoing data protection and legislative changes across Ireland & the EU. We shall delve into the potential impact on the data center sector from an operational and customer service perspective of increasing data security and awareness, exploring topics ranging from bio-metric data right through to how data security is influencing site selection strategy. We’ll then open to the room on a little know topic called Brexit, sharing industry perspectives on how the UK’s departure, and the data security and localisation implications that come with it, is impacting business and influencing key decisions for operators and clients.
    Marie McGinley, Partner, Head of Intellectual Property, Technology & Data Protection, Eversheds Sutherland
  • 1445h
  • Accelerating the digitalisation of the Irish Economy
    As Chief Digital Advisor to the Irish government, Stephen Brennan explores the implications of Ireland’s rapidly growing digital economy for the data centre sector. Will a data-driven economy directly translate into greater demand for collocated, cloud or enterprise data centres? Which verticals are seeing the most significant disruption and digital transformations? And will the emergence of new technology hubs and improved rural connectivity make areas outside of Dublin increasingly attractive for data centre deployment?
    Stephen Brennan, Chief Digital Advisor, Irish Government
  • 1505h
  • Refreshment break
  • 1535h
  • Truth-busting the 5G myth: an exploration of enterprise, cloud and network opportunities around Edge & 5G (and their limitations)
    Dean Bubley, Founder and Director, Disruptive Analysis
  • 1555h
  • Panel discussion: Disruption within the data centre: new approaches to sustainable, efficient design
    In this session, we will explore how innovative new approaches are enabling mission critical infrastructures to become smarter, greener and more efficient. From rumours of the floating data centre to the underwater project from Microsoft, how are operators leveraging natural environments and unconventional designs to create a new breed of data centres fit for a greener future?
    Mark Hohlen, Principal, Superstruct
    Amy Daniell, Director, Advise DC
    Stephen Byrne, Datacentre Lead, Mercury
    Colin Kelly, Country Lead, Ireland, K2 Data Centres
  • 1625h
  • Smart Limerick: designing and deploying a truly smart city
    Mihai Bilauca, Head Of Digital Strategy & EU Programmes, Limerick City and County Council
  • 1645h
  • Shedding light on Artificial Intelligence: what will the next generation of data centres look like?
    Rod Evans, Director EMEA, High Performance Computing & AI, Nvidia
  • 1705h
  • End of conference and closing remarks
    David McAuley, CEO, BitPower
  • 1715h
  • Exclusive networking reception